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With well over 300 members and its affiliation with the United Nations, the studentassociation SIB is the largest international oriented student association in Groningen!

The SIB is open for all students and offers an unique combination of
on the one hand informal and social activities and on the other hand intellectual activities.
This can be found in the weekly lectures we organize, combined with several conferences , trips and visits to important institutions.

At the SIB you can visit our weekly activities such as lectures and workshops, have a drink with other members, join us on trips to the rest of Europe or beyond, enjoy our parties and broaden your student life with joining committees and so called “Disputen”.

For the last 66 years the SIB has offered numerous possibilities to develop yourself as a student in Groningen, make friends and give you that few extra things in your student life. Do you want to whitness the perfect combination of social and intellectual aspects? Or do you want to develop yourself by joining one or more committees or project-groups? Than the SIB is the place to be!

You can find us every monday evening at the Hardewikerstraat 7, where all our activities take place, if not told otherwise. Feel free to stop by once in a while, since our evenings are open for everyone!

Event calendar

Galant Gala 2015
02 03 2015 22:00
Galant Gala 2015

With the holidays behind and the exams ahead it is important to keep our attention entirely on our studies. But, there is one thing you cannot and should not ignore! That magical thing is the 2015 Galant Gala brought to you by SIB and fellow study associations!

Yes, it's a fancy event so you will be presented with the perfect opportunity to put on that stunning outfit you have hidden in your closet or hit the shops in search of it! And if you are single do not despair! The UB is not only a place to study but also a place to meet intriguing people - the gorgeous girl sitting in front of you, the tall guy buying coffee in the cafeteria, the mysterious stranger listening to music on the stairs - numerous possibilities!

The price for the gala is only 23,50EU at, which includes unlimited drinks and a night of wonder so sign up quickly! Ticket sales have started on January 19.

Hitchiking competition
05 03 2015 00:00
08 03 2015 00:00
Hitchiking competition

Every year SIB organises a hitchhiking competition to different countries. This year is the city of love, Paris! We still have open spots, so for only €140 you can sign up, which includes a visit to the OECD and the Assemblée Nationale!
This is your chance to experience a unique way of travelling, which will lead to awesome stories that you will still tell your grandchildren when you're grey and old!

Destination: Paris
Dates: 5th March - 8th March
Price €140

To hitchhike you need a partner but if you don't have one, don't worry you can still sign up and we can find you a partner! You can sign-up via but hurry because full means full!


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