General Information

With well over 300 members and its affiliation with the United Nations, the studentassociation SIB is the largest international oriented student association in Groningen!

The SIB is open for all students and offers an unique combination of
on the one hand informal and social activities and on the other hand intellectual activities.
This can be found in the weekly lectures we organize, combined with several conferences , trips and visits to important institutions.

At the SIB you can visit our weekly activities such as lectures and workshops, have a drink with other members, join us on trips to the rest of Europe or beyond, enjoy our parties and broaden your student life with joining committees and so called “Disputen”.

For the last 66 years the SIB has offered numerous possibilities to develop yourself as a student in Groningen, make friends and give you that few extra things in your student life. Do you want to whitness the perfect combination of social and intellectual aspects? Or do you want to develop yourself by joining one or more committees or project-groups? Than the SIB is the place to be!

You can find us every monday evening at the Hereweg 1, where all our activities take place, if not told otherwise. Feel free to stop by once in a while, since our evenings are open for everyone!

SIBylle Summer 2014

The SIBylle has arrived at the office! That means you can pick it up, since this edition, which is about minorities, will not be delivered. You can also pick it up at the last drinks of the year next monday.

You can find the digital edition here.

We've moved!

For those of you who don't know yet: we moved! Right now we are located at Pelsterstraat 23, on the 3rd floor. Come visit us sometime!

Event calendar

TTIP:The World's Biggest Trade Zone
22 09 2014 20:00
TTIP:The World's Biggest Trade Zone

Both Americans and Europeans are in favor of a transatlantic free trade. The conclusion of such a treaty would be President Obama's political success being recorded throughout history. A successful outcome of the negotiations would immensely strenthen the position of the West in the world, after the dificulties that the United States and Europe have been in 2008 since the start of the credit crisis.

Running dinner 2014!
25 09 2014 18:00
Running dinner 2014!

Tonight you will get the opportunity to meet all of our Disputen members while eating delicious food cooked by them! We will go from one Disputen to the other in our different groups. After that we will have some drinks, which will also give you the chance to get to know them! Sign up via fore a free three course meal made just for you.


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