General Information

With well over 300 members and its affiliation with the United Nations, the studentassociation SIB is the largest international oriented student association in Groningen!

The SIB is open for all students and offers an unique combination of on the one hand informal and social activities and on the other hand intellectual activities.
This can be found in the weekly lectures we organize, combined with several conferences , trips and visits to important institutions.

At the SIB you can visit our weekly activities such as lectures and workshops, have a drink with other members, join us on trips to the rest of Europe or beyond, enjoy our parties and broaden your student life with joining committees and so called “Disputen”.

For the last 66 years the SIB has offered numerous possibilities to develop yourself as a student in Groningen, make friends and give you that few extra things in your student life. Do you want to whitness the perfect combination of social and intellectual aspects? Or do you want to develop yourself by joining one or more committees or project-groups? Than the SIB is the place to be!

Due to our partnerships, we also provide our members with the opportunity to start internships, such as this one below:

You can find us every monday evening at the Hardewikerstraat 7, where all our activities take place, if not told otherwise. Feel free to stop by once in a while, since our evenings are open for everyone!

New KEI crew

It’s that time of the year again, the KEI-week starts again! On the 10th of August we try to lure people into our association with sweet talk and lots of fun. We have a lot of awesome things planned, but we are still missing 1 thing: a KEI-crew. Do you want to help us with the activities and have a good time? Apply now by mailing: or by talking to wither one of the board or one of KEI committee members.

Event calendar

KEI-Week Monday 2015
10 08 2015 00:00
KEI-Week Monday 2015

10.00-17.00: Infomarket at the Vismarkt! Come and help explaining to freshmen why the SIB is the best student association!
14.00-22.00: Chill-Area with free smoothies at Café Het Pakhuis. Let’s chill in the sun and enjoy!
22.00-…: BLACKLIGHT PARTY! Paint each other faces, arms, bellies and legs and the party is ready to start! Don’t forget our Happy Hour at 01:00!

KEI-Week Tuesday 2015
11 08 2015 00:00
KEI-Week Tuesday 2015

13.15-15.15: Charles Ruffolo will come to Groningen to give you a network workshop in Martiniplaza. Learn from the NetworKING and who knows, maybe you will get your dream job out of it!
14.00-22.00: Chill-Area at Café Het Pakhuis, come and get your delicious free smoothie!
20.00-21.30: It’s time for the KEI-Parade. Come and walk with us through Groningen with an UN-tank!
22.00-…: AMERICA PARTY: Come and enjoy our America Party! The US, Canada or Mexico: feel free to choose!


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