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With well over 300 members and its affiliation with the United Nations, the studentassociation SIB is the largest international oriented student association in Groningen!

The SIB is open for all students and offers an unique combination of
on the one hand informal and social activities and on the other hand intellectual activities.
This can be found in the weekly lectures we organize, combined with several conferences , trips and visits to important institutions.

At the SIB you can visit our weekly activities such as lectures and workshops, have a drink with other members, join us on trips to the rest of Europe or beyond, enjoy our parties and broaden your student life with joining committees and so called “Disputen”.

For the last 66 years the SIB has offered numerous possibilities to develop yourself as a student in Groningen, make friends and give you that few extra things in your student life. Do you want to whitness the perfect combination of social and intellectual aspects? Or do you want to develop yourself by joining one or more committees or project-groups? Than the SIB is the place to be!

You can find us every monday evening at the Hardewikerstraat 7, where all our activities take place, if not told otherwise. Feel free to stop by once in a while, since our evenings are open for everyone!

New Board Members

Want to spend a year working full-time or part-time for the largest international oriented student association in Groningen? Want to have dinner with former Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans one moment and organize an amazing trip to somewhere like Georgia or Armenia the next? Then apply to join the SIB Board of 2015-2016!
As a Board member of SIB you will be in charge of SIB. You will work in close co-operation with your fellow Board members in order to ensure that the organization keeps functioning the way it does. This is something that will help you for the rest of your life and forms a unique learning experience next to your studies.

If you want more information or want to apply for a Board position (the deadline is April 7th), then visit our website or send an e-mail to our President via!

Vote for SIB!

SIB has been nominated for the Rabobank Stimuleringsfonds so we can get new microphones! It's now up to the inhabitants of Groningen to vote for their favourite project and SIB is one of them. Do you want to help out your association? Do you enjoy our lectures and want SIB to keep on organizing them? Then vote for us! You can vote via:

SIB Awards

For the first time in SIB history you can vote for the SIB Awards! Here you can choose which member you think is the most creative person, best drinker and some others! These awards will be announced after SIB on Stage on the 11th of May and the winners will win prizes! To vote, click the link below:

Event calendar

Different Aspects of Traditional Energy Markets
09 04 2015 20:00
Different Aspects of Traditional Energy Markets

Traditional energy, such as oil and gas, today still dominates 82% of the total energy market. According to the Energy Information Administration, this number is not going to drop heavily before 2040, with a 78% share in that year. In addition, traditional energy still plays a dominant role in politics, with large producers as Russia and Saudi-Arabia proving to use it for their political agenda. Moreover, issues surrounding traditional energy are highly relevant in the light of recent events, such as the drastic fall of oil prices, the current geopolitical tensions, and an increasingly assertive Russia.

Therefore NGIZ Noord and SIB Groningen will organize a symposium on 9 April together about the different aspects of the traditional energy market. We will discuss the dynamics between the different governments, businesses and financial markets. There will be multiple speakers, among which Hans van Cleef, Senior Sector Economy Energy at the ABN Amro, who will speak about the energy market from a financial perspective and Michel Dubbelboer, Russian Market Analyst of Gasterra, who will speak about the European gasmarket and the role of Russia and other supplies in this market.

Join us this night at 20:00 in the Senaatskamer in the Academy Building of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

SIB Trip 2015
12 04 2015 00:00
21 04 2015 00:00
SIB Trip 2015

This year the travel committee planned an amazing trip to two very interesting and beautiful countries, Armenia and Georgia! We are travelling there from 12 till 21 april, which is directly after the exams, so you won't miss any (important) classes!

We will visit interesting organisations like the Dutch Embassies, the Eurasian Partnership Foundation and the OSCE Mission, do some sightseeing and explore the beautiful nature, and of course much much more!

Signing up for this trip is possible by sending an email to!
We hope you will join us!:)


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