The Student Association for International Relations (SIB) is the largest internationally orientated student association in Groningen. SIB is a unique organization because it offers both social and informative activities. In other words, while you can enjoy yourself at one of our numerous parties, you can also participate in numerous lectures, conferences, symposiums and debates we organize throughout the year.


The SIB is the official Dutch student association of the United Nations and we organise weekly activities dealing with international topics, such as politics, world religions, environmental issues, terrorism, economy, development aid and human rights. SIB has welcomed many great speakers like the Dutch former prime-minister Jan Peter Balkenende, development economist Jeffrey Sachs, kidnapped Doctor Without Borders Arjan Erkel and hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina from Hotel Rwanda. Several times a year, the SIB organises large events such as the International Week and a Millennium Development Goals Congress.

Every Monday the activities will be hosted at the Troubadour, Peperstraat 19. They usually start at 8pm and end around 10pm. Don’t hesitate to pass by any time! Keep updated about our activities through our website or our facebook page!

Organizational talent?

For students, it is becoming more and more important to develop practical and organizational skills next to your studies. How to make yourself stand out from other students? Get your organizational experience at SIB! You can become active within the association in various ways, such as in Project Groups and Committees. You can also organize your own event. Do you have a brilliant idea? Let us know, anything is possible!

Parties and drinks

Next to the various interesting informative activities that we organize, we also organize various parties and drinks. There is always a drink after every activity, where you can meet up with other SIB members, discuss the previous lecture or just have fun. Furthermore we organize several parties during the year, a big prom, a Christmas dinner, and two camps.


Yearly SIB organizes two international trips. There is one yearly held hitchhike contest weekend, where besides the fun of hitchhiking we will also visit several international institutes in the city of destination. A bigger trip of almost two weeks is also organized every year. Here you will get the chance to visit embassies, ministries, and other interesting international organizations. And of course we will also explore nightlife in several European cities! Would you like to have contacts throughout the world? Besides Dutch students, SIB members also include international students.


By now you may have noticed that this year is an important year for our association. We exist 65 years, similar to our 13th Lustrum. To celebrate we have organized a Lustrum week from November 5th until the 10th, with the theme Defining the Future. The content of this week is as closely related as possible to the character of the association, with an ideal mix of educational and social events. We are happy to proudly present you all that will be going on in this week.

Opening (Dutch/ English)
- American Dinner (Dutch/ English)
- Election Night (Dutch/ English)
- Career Event (Unknown)
- Movie Night (Unknown)
- Conference on Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Reconciliation (English)
- Gala (Dutch/ English)
- Alumni Day (Dutch)

As you can see there is plenty to do during this week. We realize that such a week as a whole can be costly. Therefore we would like to propose to you the savings plan. With the savings plan, you have the option to pay in monthly terms from June to November, so you don’t need to have worries about the 'incidental expenses' at the parties and receptions during the week. You can find more information about the Lustrum here.