In general

Committees are established in order to support the board of SIB. There are a lot of various committees. Most committees come together once a week, depending on how busy they are the committee gathers more or less often. Do you like the idea of working together with other committee members and organising exciting activities? Please contact the Commissioner of Internal Affairs!

Activities Committee

The activities committee will be responsible for several interesting activities during the year. Consisting of experienced members who know how to organize an activity, they help the Commissioner of Internal Affairs to fill in the activities during the year. Not only lectures but also workshops, debates and even minisymposia will be looked at to give a varied activities programme.

Activities Committee 2013-2014:
Marieke Maatjes (President)
Renze Terpstra
Iela Chau
Johanna Wetzel
Gijs Verhagen

Dies Natalis Committee

Our Dies Natalis Committee organises an activity and a party to celebrate the anniversary of our association. It is up to the Dies Natalis Committee how they want to organise and celebrate this event, more days or one day, conference or workshops, but important is that it's big and interesting, not only for the SIB, but for the entire city of Groningen!

Dies Natalis Committee 2013-2014:
Bo Wildschut (President)
Chantal van der Linden (Treasurer)
Sarah Feenstra
Peter Kaandorp

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee publishes periodically the association’s magazine 'Sibylle'. The members of this Committee are responsible for the writing of articles/columns/reviews, but also for the layout and advertisement. The Chief Editor is the primarily responsible person for the workflow and the result. Every member of the Editorial Committee has different strengths where she/he can support the Committee the best. If you want to have more information about Sibylle or you want to write an article, please write an email to:

Editorial Committee 2013-2014:
Karsten Kip (President)
Tim Polman (Treasurer)
Sara Butkovic
Jasper Oenema
Peter Akkerman

Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee organises the introduction period, from September until October when the inauguration will take place. The committee is responsible for the weekly activities on Monday night, the themes of the activities will vary in order to give first-year students a good image of what the SIB is and what she organises all year round. The Introduction Committee is free in organises lectures and other activities. The Committee is also free to come up with original ideas to integrate the new, old and international members!

Introduction Committee 2013-2014:
Saina Abeszadeh (President)
Martin van Rooij (Treasurer)
Karoline Mackeben

KEI Committee

The KEI-Committee organises the KEI-week: the big introduction week for all first-year students in Groningen. They set up the program for SIB in the KEI-week, and think of opportunities to inform the new students of Groningen about the SIB.

KEI-committee 2013-2014:
Marijke Postma (President)
Sjoerd Hart (Treasurer)
Jackie Cole
Iris Waterlander
Arina Wierda

Party-camp Committee

The Party-camp Committee organises two to three big (theme)-parties. Also other committees or the board can contact the committee if there is a party to be organised regarding activities (for example the inauguration). They also organize the septembercamp. The main purpose of this camps is to let the new members get to know the SIB and its members.

Party Committee 2013-2014:
Erwin Zuidema (President)
Martzen Willemsma (Treasurer)
Juul Oosterhuis
Esmée Janssen

PR Committee

This Committee will take care of SIB's public relations. They design promotion material like posters, stickers, clothing, pens, balloons etc. They also think about the best ways to promote the SIB in general.

PR Committee 2013-2014:
Justina Palmileraite (President)
Andreea Malancea
Elizabeth Ramos
Vivien Wilkens-Mallach

Travel Committee

As the name says, the Travel Committee organizes a big trip each year. They decide the destination of the SIB-trip and take care of the programme which includes both informative activities such as visits to international organizations and fun activities such as exploring the nightlife of other European cities.

Travel Committee 2013-2014:
Ferdinand Girke (President)
Jerryt Feenstra (Treasurer)
Brenda Sterenborg
Christine Pfeffer
Manouck Wagner
Rohdé te Paske

Yearbook Committee

Every year the Yearbook Committee makes a wonderful yearbook where the past year will be reviewed. Also the phone numbers as well as photos of the members are listed. The committee has a lot of freedom in its work, you're free to come up with any creative stunts, interviews, articles etc!

Yearbook Committee 2013-2014:
Stefan Drijver (President)
Violette Kanyemesha (Treasurer)
Femke Dam
Esther Fris