SIB yearly organizes some activities in cooperation with other organizations. These activities are listed below.

Develop Your World

Develop Your World (DWY) is the largest congress in the North of the Netherlands that deals with development aid and development cooperation. The congress is aimed at stimulating interest in and awareness of the themes related to development aid and cooperation amongst students and youngsters. DWY is the right place to be for those who would like to learn more about they way to contribute to international development now and in the future! For more information: Develop Your World

Galant Gala

The Galant Gala is a studentgala yearly organised by 10 organizations. The Galant Gala takes place every spring and has a different theme every year. For more information: Galant Gala

International Week

The International Week is organized by five student associations in Groningen: Aegee, SIB, ESN, Dizkartes and Albertus. The International Week aims at stimulating international and dutch students, to get to know each others' cultures; make students acquainted with the cultural diversity Groningen has to offer; and promote the integration of students with different cultural backgrounds. For more information: International Week

University Days of Peace

Every year the University of Groningen organizes two lectures in cooperation with the SIB, Vintres, Clio and Ubbo Emmius. The lectures aim at calling attention to war and peace related topics.