Project Groups


Projectgroups are temporary groups that are working together to a certain goal. This can be a congress, conference, trip or something totally different. Everybody with a good idea can start there own projectgroup. In the past for example Projectgroup Cradle to Cradle organised a congress about the sustainability concept ‘Cradle to Cradle’ and Projectgroup Berlin organised a hitchhike trip to Berlin. At this moment we have the projectgroups which are listed below. So, if you have a nice and interesting idea, don't hesitate and contact our Commissionar of Internal Affairs!

Projectgroup Batavierenrace

The Batavierenrace, the worlds largest estafette-run with the biggest studentparty of the Benelux afterwards. The race goes from Nijmegen to Enschede. Every year, over 8000 students from all over the Netherlands join in this event. In 2014 there will be another Bata, and of course SIB Groningen will join. This year it will be organized by Dispuut Eo Sensu, as it was last year. They arrange everything when it comes to the competition and make sure that the contestants will train and keep their stamina up. A great event that we as SIB are glad to join.
Project group BATA 2013-2014
Iela Chau
Joeri van der Werf

Projectgroup Brussels

This year Dispuut Max Haveloos will organize a trip to Brussels, once again. Amongst others we will be visiting the European Parliament and of course enjoy Brussel's nightlife! The trip will take place on the 4th, 5th and 6th of December.
PG Brussels 2013-2014
Jerryt Feenstra (President)
Lenny Geenen (Treasurer)
Manouck Wagner

Projectgroup Diplomatsdinner

After the successes of the last two years, Dispuut Varietas will organize another amazing opportunity to have dinner with Diplomats. In small groups, students will have the opportunity to talk with multiple ambassadors. There will be a dinner afterwards, during which there will be the opportunity to talk in a less formal setting.
PG Diplomatsdinner 2013-2014
Maurits Boomars (President)
Marloes Dallinga (Treasurer)
Pavien Bavinck

Projectgroup Develop Your World

This year PG Develop your World will do their utmost best to bring back an old concept to the SIB. Develop Your World used to be a part of the SIB, but is back as a whole new concept with four very enthousiastic members. They are working on a big event that will take place on the 13th of March 2014.
PG Develop Your World 2013-2014
Ewout Haverkamp (President)
Fenna Wielenga (Treasurer)
Julian Robertson
Mark de Hoop

Projectgroup Hitchhiking Competition

In 2014, Dispuut GIST will once again organize an amazing hitchhiking competition. Last year the Dispuut organized a hitchhiking competition to Frankfurt, with among others a visit to the Deutsche Bundesbank and EIOPA. The destination of this year will remain a secret for a while, but we can share with you that it will be an awesome trip!
PG Hitchhiking 2013-2014
Frans Bos
Jochem Wissenburg